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5 Most important Tools for Bloggers


Lightshot: Light shot is a lightweight utility for desktop to capturing screenshots it is very easy to use and you will get full satisfaction, many times you just want to take screenshot of some part of the window but default option (Print screen) doesn’t allow you to take screenshot of fixed region of your desktop or any window, but with light shot you can capture screen wherever necessary no need to go to MS Paint or Photoshop to Edit the Image.

Cam Studio: We create video tutorials for our visitors, because by video tutorials we can explain easily and other can understand easily. Cam studio is the one of the best free software for screen capturing. It is easy to use and quality of video is perfect and I am using this software and very satisfied with its performance but the main problem in this software you will face that the size of the video is in GB because of very high quality. uploading that size of videos is not an easy task so I found a solution for this problem, you can use Any Video Converter(Free Download) to convert the video in FLV format then you will see your video size will goes down in MBs without Losing its quality. You can check some of my videos on YouTube channel.
MS office: MS office is the most Important software for any blogger it helps you every time, I personally use this software for writing post because BlogSpot HTML Editor is not as Good for writing articles so my as per my suggestion everyone should use MS Word for writing, by using MSWord for writing article you have lot of tools with it like spell checker, you will get full control in writing, sometimes I need to create some presentations in PPT for my visitors then I use ms PowerPoint which helps me a lot
Filezilla: Filezilla is a software which allows you to upload content to servers through ftp, if you are using WordPress Self Hosted Blog then you should use this software to upload themes, plug-ins and other things and I tested many FTP clients similar to filezilla but I found filezilla is the best and you should try it if your blog is not hosted on BlogSpot.
Download Filezilla
Photoshop: This software is the one of the greatest software in history it changes the whole web industry because of Photoshop now a day’s web designing consider as a main part of the website, you can create everything in Photoshop which a website needs like template, images, banners etc. all bloggers need Photoshop for creating and editing logos for their blogs, creating banners for advertisements or promoting other blogs, but you can’t use this software just like ms office because you have to attend some classes to learn Photoshop but you can change your blog with your Photoshop skills.

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